Sneezing / Yawning while Singing

I got onto this topic in a conversation with one of my vocal pupils – what happens if you suddenly have to sneeze, or yawn, while you are performing on stage!┬áSometimes you just can’t help it, sneezes, and often yawns, are unexpected bodily functions that we don’t really have any control over.

I had a quick think, I can honestly say, that I don’t think I have ever done either of these things while performing on stage. HOWEVER I know for a fact that I have done both of these things while practising. My pupil Rizlene had a think, and she came to the same conclusion as me.

So, we were wondering if this was the same for every singer. Does the adrenaline and everything that you get when on stage just overcome things like sneezing and yawning, or have you ever sneezed or yawned while singing on stage?

Please tick the relevant boxes in the poll below – I’m a curious soul, and want to know!


Where to spend money when self employed

As a self employed singer, I am a totally self contained act, having my own equipment, and managing my own bookings, however I wanted to do a quick blog post today about when you should actually be spending money.

As I am self employed (all be it part-time at the moment) I often find that I am saying to myself, no, don’t pay someone to do that – you can do it yourself. The reason for this is very simple – you have good months, and bad months, and so sometimes, you aren’t always sure if you are going to have enough money for basic things.

Because of this, I have always done everything myself before and at the gig – including setting up, doing my levels and playing / pausing my backing tracks, along with the admin side of things too. As I have recently set up a performing arts school, started teaching singing lessons privately and organise a charity event each year, I started feeling that doing everything for a performance was too much on my own, and so I spoke to a good friend of mine to see if he might be interested in “tech-ing” for me.

He has now helped me at a number of performances, and I have to say that he is a God-send. I don’t have to worry about the different levels of the backing tracks (which used to mean I’d have to discreetly change the levels myself while singing), and the gaps between the different tracks are all dealt with too. He also sets up the PA system, and packs it down, so I don’t have to lift a finger! Overall, I am less worried about everything at the performances he has been at, and therefore have been able to focus much more on the performance, and not about how I was going to reach the PA to pause the backing before the next song started!

So, my advice to you today, is if you are self employed, and there are some things that either stress you out, mean you don’t look quite as professional as you are, or you just simply don’t like doing – don’t complain about it, budget into your prices to pay someone else to do it!