Using Pinterest

I have recently started using Pinterest more and more. I’ll admit, when I joined, I really couldn’t see the point of it, but now I can spend hours on there finding and pinning ideas!

I am mainly using it at the moment to help me with ideas for kids parties (and adults!). I like to be able to bring a little something extra than just the entertainment to a party, so I am researching thoughts on decorations for specific party themes. I have also used it to create a “1940’s fashion” board, to help me improve the authenticity of my hair, makeup and clothes when I perform my vintage sets.

While creating these boards, it got me thinking of other ways you could use Pinterest. Here are a few of my thoughts:

  • If you are organising a themed party, why not create a board with lots of images from that theme to send to your guests to give them ideas on what to wear!
  • Create a board for you to look at when you are feeling down of all your favourite things, and pretty images.
  • Create a “wish list” of things you’d like from various websites – Etsy, Amazon, individuals websites etc. (And then “accidentally” post the link to your friends around your birthday!)

I hope this post has maybe inspired you to use Pinterest a bit more, or if you’re already an avid Pinterest user, I’d love to hear what you use it for!

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Why Testimonials are so Important

Since I have been acting in films, and singing at events, I have become more and more aware of the importance of people’s opinions.

What people think and say about you matters – are you professional at what you do, do you go above and beyond the call of duty, are you easy to work with – once someone has seen that you can do what they are looking for, these will be the things that are the deciding factor as to if they hire you or not.

As an actress on a film set for a student film maker, I started to recognise what made a good director, camera person, sound team etc. I started writing down the things that I felt made these people great to work with, and after a while, I wrote these things up into proper testimonials for certain people I had worked with whom I felt were really fantastic.

By writing these testimonials for them, I felt that I was giving them that extra something to add to their portfolio – recognition from an actress who had worked with them, that what they do is good. I really hope that those testimonials I gave them, have helped when they have applied for other jobs.

From the other side of the fence, receiving testimonials is truly amazing too. I feel so proud when I get a lovely comment from someone who’s wedding or event I sung at, or who’s movie I acted in. It reminds me to keep striving to be better than I am already, and those comments will also help other people see the other side to me.

My website is full of information about what I do, and what I have achieved – you can find pretty much all the facts and figures you want about me online, but what really counts, especially in the entertainment business, is other people’s opinions.

So next time you find a great supplier for something you do – whatever that may be – and you think, yes, I would recommend this person/company to my friends, consider sending the supplier a quick email with a couple of lines to say thank you, and explain why you feel they did such a great job. You will feel great, they will feel great, and so will the next person who is looking for someone who does what they do.