Music Festivals and other events in and around the Portsmouth Area

I like to give my pupils as many opportunities to perform as possible, so I thought it would only be fair to put together a list of all the events I have found in the area that offer to them to get involved with, so that others in the Portsmouth area can find out what is going on too.

Please click on the names of each event to go through to their website and find out more.

If I’ve missed anything, please do let me know, and I’ll add it to the list – I hope this can become a useful resource for local musicians and performers, so bookmark this post!

Music Festivals

These have “classes” which you can enter. They are a great way of “benchmarking” where you are in your performing if you don’t take exams, as you will be marked on your song by professional adjudicators. They all have prices attached to entering a class, and you will probably need to hire a pianist for accompaniment if you are singing.

Chichester Music Festival : February. Closing date for entries is November.

Portsmouth Music Festival : February – March. Closing date for entries is November.

Southampton Music Festival : March. Closing date for entries is December.

Fareham Music Festival : May. Closing date for entries is March.

Gosport Music Festival : October – November. Closing date for entries is July.

My recommended pianists are:
Nicky Tabeart: 02392472583
Amy Beresford: and 07805714544


These are various events organised by a number of different people / companies that it is worth getting involved with.

Waterlooville Music Festival : June. They run a market place music system, where different musical groups are given time slots throughout the day to perform. This is a great opportunity to sing what you like, and really build your confidence, however time slots are very limited, and usually fill up pretty quickly.

The Mad Hatters Charity Tea Party : July.  This is my charity event! We have a stage area where we like to have a running show of local artists, so if you want to perform, just get in touch!

Weyfest Music FestivalAugust. 

A Victorian Festival of Christmas : November – December. A three day event held every year at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. It is quite an intensive three days, however the experience you gain is just fantastic. The easiest way to get involved is through Groundlings Theatre Company – pop them an email on and say you’d like to volunteer for next year.

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